THE BRONX - The celebrations of the life of music legend Prince continued Friday, with fans flocking to Bronx music stores for pieces of his memorabilia.

Prince died Thursday in Minnesota, and ever since fans have been trickling into the Bronx F.Y.E. store along the Pelham Parkway, to the point where there are no more of his albums left.

Since his albums have been sold out at the store since Thursday, F.Y.E. employees have instead helped fans download Prince's hits, and then burn them on to a CD.

Employees say that fans of all ages have made their way into the store to celebrate Prince's life through his music.

Many Bronx residents remember when Prince made a surprise visit to Lehman College in 1985 to perform for deaf, blind and handicapped children.

In Minnesota, police say there were no signs of trauma on Prince's body, adding that there is no reason to believe the death was a suicide.

Prince's autopsy was completed Friday, but officials say that the cause will not be determined for another couple of weeks.