THROGS NECK - With the financial crisis on Wall Street spilling onto Main Street, Bronx residents are finding new ways to tighten their budgets and weather the hard times.

Some penny-pinching ideas include eating more at home, going out to the movies less frequently, using public transportation and saving change.

Many people have started to look for corners to cut in the home. Joan Pardo, of Throgs Neck, says that instead of buying expensive cleaning solutions for the stove or the bathtub, a little bleach and ammonia can go a long way.

Holidays are just around the corner, and many local residents are trembling at the thought of shelling out hundreds of dollars on presents. Those who want to put a smile on their loved ones? faces without breaking the bank are advised to tap into their creativity to create homemade cookies or candles.

For those who are not the ?Do It Yourself? type, many stores throughout the city will be having major sales a few days after the holidays to unload their merchandise, allowing people to save a bundle for next year.