THE BRONX - An energy company is accused of trying to take advantage of some Bronx residents looking to save a few dollars.

According to one family, a representative from Just Energy went door-to-door promising to save them money on their Con Edison bill. They say the company offered green energy services and fixed-rate contracts, while still allowing customers to get their bills from Con Ed.

The family claims the rep told them of a basic service charge through Con Ed that can be removed simply by switching energy suppliers. However, if the family signed off without reading the fine print, they would have been trapped in a five-year contract with a $50 cancellation fee.

Just Energy has received more than 400 complaints with the Better Business Bureau for improper collection practices, dishonest sales tactics and failure to disclose key information.

In an email, Just Energy told News 12 The Bronx that it will look into the case, adding that each sales agent receives training to ensure professional and ethical behavior.