THE BRONX - The Bronx's first specialty coffee shop had its grand opening Tuesday at Hunts Point, and it's coming with some special new flavors.
Birch Coffee, which has seven other locations in Manhattan and Queens, opened in conjunction with tech company "Startup Box," a group that typically focuses on providing tech jobs in the area.
But for this partnership, "Startup Box" is starting a program to provide "third spaces" to Bronx residents. In other words, another place for locals to go to outside of their home or work.
Birch Coffee has made a name for itself thanks to its founders traveling the world to find a wide array of coffee beans to use for brewing.
Birch also supplies a free library of books for customers that is sourced via donations.
Unlike many coffee shops, Birch does not have Wi-Fi because owners wanted to create a comfortable environment for real, live conversation.