BRONXDALE - Heat and hot water have been restored at the senior residence at Boston Road Plaza, after a broken boiler left residents in the cold early Sunday.

With temperatures in the mid-30s outside, many of the senior citizens living at the complex took to wearing multiple layers inside until the broken boiler was fixed by the NYCHA. Residents say the broken boiler is only one of many problems they have to deal with on a daily basis.

Complaints about the building include leaks in rooms and on staircases, mold on the walls, and a broken elevator. Residents and NYC Councilman James Vacca are left wondering why the building is not being properly maintained by the NYCHA.

"Why is this allowed to exist especially, affecting elderly people like this? Many have health conditions," said Vacca.

The NYCHA has not responded to News 12 when asked for a comment.

Broken boiler leaves hundreds of seniors without heat in Bronxdale