THE BRONX - The Bronx woman who was in court Friday for being married to multiple men at the same time is now facing more charges for allegedly not paying a subway fare.

Liana Barrientos pleaded not guilty to felony charges of offering a false instrument for filing Friday morning.

Police say she was arrested later that day when two transit officers caught her and a family member walking through an emergency exit without swiping their MetroCards.

Authorities say they're now charged with theft of service and criminal trespass.

Barrientos, 39, was allegedly married 10 times without divorcing, starting with her first marriage in 1999.

Her 10th marriage was in the Bronx in 2010, which launched the investigation into her nuptials because she put on the marriage license that she had never wed before.

Barrientos is believed to be currently married to four of her husbands, but was at one time married to eight at the same time.  

Officials say her husbands are from so-called "red-flagged" countries, which include Egypt, Turkey, Georgia, Pakistan and Mali.

Once married, authorities say the grooms would file for permanent residence statuses, with some divorcing Barrientos afterward, and some allegedly paying her money. 

She faces up to four years in prison if convicted.