THE BRONX - Set in The Bronx, the new coming-of-age drama "Babygirl" is premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival this week.

"Babygirl" centers on a 16-year-old girl who is trapped in a bizarre love triangle with her mother's young boyfriend.

Writer/director Macdara Vallely, who was born in Ireland but has spent more than five years in The Bronx, says his idea for the movie's premise came from seeing a man hitting on a young girl on the train and then switching to her mom.

"The Bronx is such a rich place to shoot a film," Vallely says.

While "Babygirl" is a love story at its core, it is also a love letter to The Bronx. The movie was filmed in nearly every section of the borough. Scenes were also shot on the 4 and 5 subway lines. Both lead actors, Flaco Navaja and Yainis Ynoa, are native Bronx residents.

"You always hear of the drug dealings and all the bad stuff, but there's actually love stories here," Navaja says.