THE BRONX - A Bronx street vender has been chosen as a finalist for the Vendy Awards, a cook-off between the best sidewalk chefs in the city.

The cook, Fauzia Abdur-Rahman, runs Fauzia's Heavenly Delights on 161st Street and Sheridan Avenue. To get a taste of Abdur-Rahman?s cooking, however, you have to strike while it?s hot, says frequent customer Julie Lau.

?If you don't stand on line and you try to come back 10, 15 minutes later, there won?t be any food left,? Lau says.

Fans of Abdur-Rahman?s cooking say the banana pudding and carrot cake are among her best dishes. And the sidewalk chef says she?s confident heading into the Oct. 18 event.

?I am bringing it back to the Bronx, I don?t care about those other people,? she says. ?I am bringing it back here.?