The BRONX - A student in the Bronx completed college and an internship all while carrying her now three-month-old son.

Ashley Blocker, 22, carried her baby on stage as she received her diploma from the College of Mount Saint Vincent in May.

Blocker completed her degree in five years while working a job, but she says that was nothing compared to what she accomplished in her last year of school. 

"Your life has just begun when you have a baby," she said. "It's not over. It's better. It's more fun. You have somebody now to work with, work toward and have motivation. So you really just need to keep motivated, keep pushing and striving for goals."

Blocker had her baby in March and was back in class one week later. 

"I remember one time saying 'listen, you're giving birth and if you need more time, the college does provide the opportunity for an incomplete and you can finish it in June,'" said Dr. Alfred Dance, one of Blocker’s professors. "'I'm going to get it done.' That is what her response was and she did." 

Blocker hopes to be a counselor doing social work and to motivate others whenever they go through difficult situations.