THE BRONX - A group of Bronx students has created a platform that they hope will inform people about alleged police brutality.

Takhim Haque says a couple of years ago his friends were stopped by a police officer who claimed they matched the description of troublemakers in the neighborhood. 

"The police tackled one of my friends and he got bruises on his entire body," Haque says.

Since then, the 17-year-old student and some classmates at the Bronx Academy of Software Engineering have created an app called “Protect and Swerve” to allow people to record and share cases of alleged police misconduct. 

Even though platforms like Facebook and YouTube are available for people to post videos, Haque says there's something about his app that separates it from what is already out there. He says that the problem with Facebook and YouTube is that they don't “geotag” events.

Every time a user uploads a video on "Protect and Swerve," an tag indicates where the incident happened on a map, and if you click on the tag you will see information about the person involved.

The app is available on Google Play.