THE BRONX - Dozens of police officers from the Bronx and beyond joined elementary school students at a special church Mass held in their honor Tuesday.

Students from St. Philip Neri Elementary School on the Grand Concourse, along with a teacher, organized the event to show their appreciation to police officers.

The teacher who organized the event said that it started with just police officers whose children are students at the school, but the event soon grew to include officers whose children don't attend the school.

"As the daughter of a police officer, I'm very proud that my school can do something like this," said student Trinity Rojas.

Police officers in attendance were also touched by the ceremony. "It means a lot to have these little guys come up to us and appreciate what we do," said Michael Vincenzi, a police officer with the 52nd Precinct. Vincenzi said that he also grew up in a police family.

School officials said while this is the first ceremony they have held like this, they hope it won't be the last.