THE BRONX - A dozen New York City Housing Authority tenants rallied outside the Highbridge Garden Complex following the eviction of a fellow longtime tenant.

Trenny Duke Brown, 45, has lived at the housing complex her entire life, but now says the city is kicking her out due to a dispute that occurred 10 years ago. She says her husband was kicked off the property and she signed a letter saying he was not allowed to return to the premises.

The agreement was violated several times by Brown's husband, which landed her in trouble with NYCHA. Brown says she did not realize what she signed many years ago was so serious.

Brown's attorney, Runa Rajahopal, of the Bronx Defenders, says tenants often do not realize what they're signing and are talked into it.

NYCHA has told News 12 that it will not comment on pending litigation.

Brown will head to court on Wednesday, where she will find out whether she can stay in the building.