THE BRONX - The Bronx Tourism Council is using double-decker buses for the first time to conduct trolley tours of the borough as part of Bronx Week.

The tour gives tourists and residents an in-depth look at the borough's history, sights and landmarks. It begins at the historic Bronx County Courthouse, then treks through the West Bronx, stopping at the Macombs Dam Bridge and the famous building on Sedgwick Avenue Avenue deemed the birthplace of hip-hop. Other stops include Yankee Stadium, Poe Park, the Grand Concourse and Morris High School.

Each stop comes with an eloquent and detailed explanation of its significance.   

Lloyd Ultan, a Bronx historian, says the tour is an opportunity for Bronx residents to show the world what they truly are, instead of the distorted view often associated with the borough.

The Tourism Council says it hopes the tour and double-decker buses will be a permanent fixture in learning about and seeing the Bronx.