THE BRONX - A woman who stopped paying rent because her landlord refused to fix deplorable conditions inside her mouse-filled Bronx apartment will be evicted. 

Dashanta Brown says she usually isn't late on the rent, but that's easy to say especially since she hasn't been paying it since January.

Brown and the landlord have been having an on-going battle over the deplorable conditions and mice infestation inside her Williamsbridge Road apartment.

Brown says her landlord refused to fix a broken banister, cracked bathroom tile and neglected a large mice infestation, and she just decided to stop paying rent.

But, once her landlord stopped receiving checks, Brown was taken to court where she was ordered to pay up or move out by the end of the month.

She has until April 30 to find a place for her and her 2-year-old son to live, and she says she's uncertain about where they are going to stay.

The landlord says she is happy with the court's decision to evict Brown and plans to clean up the unit once she moves out.