THE BRONX - An investigation found that a strong wind knocked a gondola off track, leaving dozens of people dangling more than 100 feet in the air at the Bronx Zoo Wednesday evening.

Guests hung suspended in the air for five hours after one of the wheels on a Skyfari car became separated from the cables, causing the ride to come to a halt.

Rescue workers removed three passengers from that car three hours after the ride stopped. However, it took another two hours for crews to repair the system and allow the other passengers to unload.

Some visitors on Thursday said they?re hesitant to board the ride.

"[I?m] afraid to. Not going on it,? said Ness Koummal, a zoo visitor.

The Department of Labor concluded that the malfunction was caused by an unanticipated wind gust that pushed the cable car off track. Officials say because the incident was weather-related, zoo guests don?t have much to worry about.

All the passengers made it out safely. The zoo apologized to the stranded visitors and their families for the incident.

To watch footage from the Bronx Zoo Skyfari rescue, go to Channel 612 on your iO digital cable box and select iO Extra.