THE BRONX - Seniors at the Bronxwood Home for the Aged are asking for more safety measures when on the streets near the home. 

East Gun Hill Road, Barnes Avenue and Tilden Street surround the home. Drivers who come down Barnes Avenue have no stop sign at the end of the block.

A year and a half ago, Bronxwood reached out to the Department of Transportation asking for a traffic study to be conducted in the area. Home administrator Mark Taub says no one has gotten back to him about it.

In the meantime, Community Board 12 wrote a letter to the DOT on behalf of the Bronxwood home a year ago, but still no study has been conducted.

A report by the Tri-State Transportation Campaign determined East Gun Hill Road to be among the most dangerous roads. 

The seniors are requesting a speed bump or a stop sign, and want drivers to be mindful that they are not able to walk as fast across the street as other pedestrians.