THE BRONX - Dozens of New York City Housing Authority residents in the Bronx remain without heat and hot water following a gas leak last night.

According to Con Edison, a contractor working with NYCHA to correct a steam leak on Waring Avenue Thursday night damaged a heating plant that supplies gas for 1,080 customers.

Hundreds of tenants were quickly evacuated from three buildings at the Pelham Parkway Houses, and nearly 200 students and adults were rushed out of Christopher Columbus High School across the street. Tenants were given hot plates and had to bundle up with extra layers to stay warm through the night.

Con Ed confirms that the gas pipes are working on its end. It says it's now up to NYCHA contractors to finish what they started.

NYCHA says gas has been restored to all but 60 families, and crews plan to have a full restoration by the end of the day.