THE BRONX - A Brooklyn artist is painting portraits of women who have lost their sons to gun violence.

Sylvia Maier says she is tired of hearing about young men who have died from gun violence and police brutality.

She says she painted the "Circle of Mothers" gallery to highlight those issues.

"I wanted to use my art to change, to make a difference," she says.

On metal boards, Maier painted the faces of six different mothers who lost their sons. Their faces are inside the shape of a coin to portray the liberty she says everyone is entitled to.

Four mothers from Brooklyn came together Wednesday to Maier's Prospect-Lefferts Gardens home to receive their portraits.

Maier says she is touched to see that instead of grieving, the mothers are fighting for change.

"They don't have special capes, but they are superwomen," she says.

All of Maier's Circle of Mothers paintings will be on display in an art gallery at Martha's Vineyard at the end of May.