BROOKLYN - The Brooklyn Bridge and its security are in the spotlight after someone decided to snap an "illegal" selfie from on top of the railings.

Police say David Karnauch posted a photo on Instagram Monday of him posing up on the railing of the bridge on the Brooklyn side with the NYC skyline on the background.  

According to officials, the viral image violates the law, but does not constitute a security breach on their behalf.

"The actions of this individual do not constitute a security breach. It was, however, irresponsible and illegal.  Had the officers patrolling the bridge arrived while he was there, he would have been arrested, as others have been," says the NYPD deputy commissioner.

Brooklyn residents, however, feel different.

"I understand the range of selfies these days and there's a never ending quest to take cool angled pictures, but yeah it's an image.  If he can do it, lots of people can do it - and that's part of the problem," says one resident.

This isn't the first reported incident in which an individual has climbed the Brooklyn Bridge.