BRONXDALE - The older brother of the 77-year-old man hit at full speed by a dirt bike on Boston Road on Sunday spoke exclusively with News 12 regarding his condition.

Henry Rosenberg, 79, says that his brother Benjamin suffered a broken leg, a fractured neck and is on an assisted breathing machine.

"I go there every day and the progress is slow but naturally we hope for the best," said Rosenberg.

Benjamin Rosenberg was critically injured while crossing Boston Road near Thwaites Place when he was struck by a dirt bike allegedly driven by Rashawn DuBois.

Duboi faces second-degree vehicular assault charges in the crash. Police are refuting witnesses who say they made contact with DuBois' bike before it crashed into the victim.

Members of the Bronx Park East Community Association (BPECA) say the entire Boston Road and Bronx Park East is dangerous enough without dirt bikes.

"There's too many intersections, there's too much congestion," said Raphael Schweizer of the BPECA. "It leads to a lot of accidents."