LONGWOOD - Dozens of residents in the Foxhurst area of the Longwood section of the Bronx are back home after they were evacuated.

Approximately 42 people returned after at least eight residential buildings were evacuated as a safety precaution Thursday morning.

A construction engineer reported potential problems with second-floor supports at 1232 Southern Blvd., which is the construction site of the Children's Aid College Prep Charter School, around 6 a.m.

According to the Children's Aid Society, which owns the property, it informed the appropriate city agencies. Those agencies later evaluated the property and allowed residents to return to the surrounding area.

In addition to residents being evacuated for several hours, 2 and 5 train service was suspended temporarily in the area. Service resumed with delays.

One woman said she planned to take a cab and two other trains and that she would likely be about two hours late for work. 

Many of the neighboring businesses opened without interruption because they don't typically open until the afternoon.

Construction is expected to continue on Friday, according to the Children's Aid Society.

Associated Press reports contributed to this story.