THE BRONX - A Bronx bus company removed a driver from his route after parents say he let their kindergartner get off the bus without adult supervision.

Edgar and Mariana Sanchez say a good Samaritan eventually found their son, Rafael, wandering alone two blocks away an hour later.

Pioneer Transportation Corporation says the driver had been on that route for only around a month, but had been with the company for 26 years and had never been embroiled in any such incidents.

The company says its driver will undergo retraining before being assigned to another route.

The Sanchez family is still calling for the driver to lose his job, but under city guidelines, the driver followed protocol.

The city's Department of Education's Office of Pupil Transportation says "Any student, regardless of age or grade, will be allowed to get off the bus at any stop..."

Only schools carrying special education students are required to escort the children off the bus or return them to school if a parent isn't present at the stop.