THE BRONX - The future is uncertain for many school bus workers in the Bronx after their company filed for bankruptcy last week.

According to published reports, Atlantic Express Transportation Corp. and its affiliates have filed for bankruptcy protection, including the Amboy Bus Co. on Oak Point Avenue in Hunts Point.

Some of those Bronx employees say they received letters notifying them of the company's financial situation and explaining that permanent terminations will be necessary by the end of the year.

A manager at the bus terminal said he was unable to provide any information, and Atlantic Express has not yet responded to News 12 requests for comments.

A spokesperson for the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1181, which represents the bus workers, confirms that the company and the union are in negotiations. It added that the company has filed for bankruptcy protection in the past.

Workers say they will continue to do their jobs and hope they are still employed come January.