THE BRONX - A jewelry and perfume store in Melrose was vandalized by a man who the owner believes was high on K2.

Lucky Perfume, located on East 149th Street, was vandalized Sunday afternoon.

Surveillance video shows a man in a wheelchair approach the shop, pull out an iron cane, bash merchandise and then roll away.

"What I see is he had a little pack in his hand, K2. These people are smoking K2,” says store owner Talwinder Singh.

Several pieces of merchandise were destroyed during the incident, which the owner says is worth hundreds of dollars. However, Singh says it’s not about the money – he worries that next time someone will get seriously hurt.

James Green, who says he hangs out with his friends in the neighborhood, looked at the surveillance video and says he recognized the suspect. However, Green couldn’t find him when News 12 stopped by.