THE BRONX - Business owners say they are thankful that Hurricane Joaquin veered off into the Atlantic Ocean and spared them from major storm damage.

Debra Ianniello, a manager at Sea Shore Restaurant in City Island, says she remembers the devastation Superstorm Sandy left in the area, including knocking down trees and power lines.

Joe Mandarino, owner of City Island Lobster House, says he lost a lot of business during Sandy as well.

Both Ianniello and Mandarino say they took extra safety measures to prepare for an upcoming hurricane, including closing up parts of their restaurants to prepare for whatever Hurricane Joaquin might have brought.

Now that the storm has passed, they say they are both relieved nothing was damaged.

Ianniello says the Sea Shore will be opening up outdoor seating for customers by Monday so they can once again enjoy the view.