THE BRONX - It's business as usual at the Hunts Point Terminal Market, just one day after a massive four-alarm fire destroyed one of the warehouses on site.

According to fire officials, the flames broke out at around 11 a.m. Wednesday and quickly escalated in size. At its peak, more than 200 firefighters were on the ground, and 12 were sent to the hospital with injuries.

The blaze not only engulfed a warehouse owned by Mendez International Tropical, but it also destroyed its produce and spread to office space.

The 40 other vendors at the market were able to resume working when the smoke had cleared, but delivery drivers say they were delayed for up to four hours.

A spokesperson for the FDNY says that it will take some time to clear the warehouse of its inventory, which needs to be done before officials can determine what sparked the fire.

For extended fire video from Hunts Point Market, watch the clip to the left or click News 12 Extra on Optimum TV channel 612.