THE BRONX - The Bronx Albanian community is honoring Mother Teresa with a statue of the future saint in Manhattan's Battery Park next week.

The bronze, life-sized statue of Mother Teresa project is spearheaded by Bronx Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj.

The project has been in the works for months, and Bronx community leaders from different faiths say they are finalizing the last details.

Organizers say the statue is meant to honor Mother Teresa's life and all the humanitarian work she did around the world.

"Three religious institutions have come together, the Catholic faith, the Muslim, the Orthodox faith to celebrate an incredible woman. The woman that if we all followed in her footsteps, this world would be a much better and peaceful place," says Gjonaj.

The unveiling ceremony will be held in Manhattan on Sept. 4, the same day Pope Francis will canonize her at the Vatican in Rome.