THE BRONX - As National Crime Victims' Rights Week gets underway, police want Bronx mothers to help protect the city's most defenseless victims ? babies.

Police say they scoured Pelham Parkway in January after a mother claimed someone abducted her baby, but she later confessed to trashing the infant. The incident came a month after a Bronx teen was accused of tossing her baby out a window.Detective Olga Mercado, with an NYPD Special Victims Unit, says the women could have easily and legally given up their babies had they known about the state's Safe Haven Law. The law allows unwanted infants to be dropped off in staffed places such as police precincts, hospitals and firehouses.

"They're free to go walk right out the door, no questions asked ... We don't ask about immigration status so an illegal alien can drop a child off," said Mercado. The detective also wants to get the word out that although the law technically applies to infants no older than 5 days old, most people wouldn't turn away a desperate parent.

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