THE BRONX - In a fight for better wages and working conditions, a group of workers at a Bronx car wash voted to unionize over the weekend.

Employees at Webster Car Wash, near the Cross Bronx Expressway, claim their wages often don't add up, even after working a month straight.

Stuart Appelbaum, president of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union who helped the workers out, say they are legally entitled to $5.45 an hour, tips and overtime. The workers say they are not getting either.

Lage Management Corporation, the owners of the car wash, disputes the claims and says the workers are receiving their fair share.

This is not the first time the owner has been accused of low wages and poor working conditions. In 2009, the company agreed to pay employees from several of their car washes more than $3 million in back wages and damages to resolve a Labor Department lawsuit.