THE BRONX - An Ecuadorian family from the Bronx has set up a charity to help children who have been orphaned as a result of the earthquake in Ecuador.

Nancy Rosado and her family used connections within the Ecuadorian community in New York and with her family in Ecuador to start Ecuador Unidos, a group created to send aid to children in Ecuador.

Ecuador Unidos applied for a nonprofit status this week, and is asking for donations of clothing, toiletry and toy donations.

"My family, thank God they are OK, but they want to help because the way they are over there, it is very difficult to reach the people who need at this point," says Rosado.

Rosado says the donations will be used to aid hundreds of children through a direct contact, something she says is lost with other relief efforts.

Rosado says the group is also looking for volunteers to join their efforts. "They will be helping us to go through and make sure what they need, they are going to get," says Rosado.

Milton Rosado, a family member, is in Ecuador making sure these efforts reach the children who are currently living in makeshift tents, collecting what little they have left.

The Rosado family plans to continue their relief efforts using technology to connect with their family in Ecuador and continue to bring awareness to the devastation.