BRONX RIVER - For months, a Bronx family says the city told them they had to pay for repairs to a sidewalk damaged during Sandy. After News 12 stepped in, the city now says the Department of Design and Construction will foot the bill.

Darrel Sanders says a tree came down during Sandy, destroying the sidewalk outside his home. Sanders says he and his family have lived at their Wheeler Avenue home for more than 35 years, and they had no idea they were technically the ones responsible for maintaining the sidewalk.

Sanders says he was told for months he would have to pay for the repairs. However, the city Parks Department forwarded a letter to News 12 from the Department of Design and Construction which says, "We expect to repair the sidewalk at this location no later than Jan. 10. Since cold weather prevents us from pouring concrete, we may have to pave the site temporarily with asphalt, then return when weather conditions permit to lay new concrete. The homeowner will not have to pay for these repairs."

The department says the sidewalk on Wheeler Avenue is one of more than 2,000 damaged by uprooted trees.