THE BRONX - Families across the Bronx are looking to provide loving homes to children in the borough in honor of Foster Care Awareness Month.

According to the Citizens Committee for Children, more than 11,000 children were in foster care in New York City as of 2014, including more than 3,000 in the Bronx.

Stephanie Lopez, a biological mother of three children, became a foster mom to three sisters three years ago.

Lopez says she grew up in a family where her mother fostered children and still currently does. She says that experience inspired her to become a foster parent herself, as she saw firsthand how many children needed a loving home.

Lopez says she is pursuing adoption for the three sisters she currently fosters.

"It’s about them, what is best for them. I’ve had these girls for about three years now, going on four. I will never abandon them. I will never leave them," says Lopez.

Lopez works with the New York Foundling, an organization that serves nearly 10 percent of New York's foster care population.