ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - (AP) - A US Airways flight to Los Angeles wasdiverted to Albuquerque after a passenger removed all of hisclothing mid-flight, forcing flight attendants to cover him with ablanket before he was arrested, authorities said Wednesday.

Keith Wright, 50, of the Bronx in New York, was taken intocustody by airport authorities after he disrobed while sitting inhis seat in the back of Flight 705 on Tuesday evening, authoritiessaid. The plane was carrying about 148 passengers from Charlotte toLos Angeles, the airline said.

Wright was unresponsive when a flight attendant asked him to puthis clothes back on, said Dan Jiron, a spokesman for theAlbuquerque airport.

Wright punched and kicked the flight attendant, who asked twooff-duty law officers for help, according to a criminal complaint.A Los Angeles police officer and sheriff's deputy helped the flightattendant subdue and handcuff Wright before the flight landed,Jiron said.

Wright told the FBI he is suffering from a bipolar disorder andhad not taken his prescribed medication before leaving New Yorkthat morning, the criminal complaint said. Wright told the FBI herecalled nothing about the flight or his behavior, it said.