(08/26/10) VAN NEST - The Muslim community in The Bronx says it is taking precautions to protect itself after a Muslim cab driver was slashed in Manhattan yesterday.

Police say the cab driver was slashed after being asked if he was Muslim. Muslim residents that News 12 The Bronx spoke to said that this time of the year is when they feel the most threatened.

One Muslim resident who works at a lunch cart that serves Halal food said two days ago people were asking him if he was a suicide bomber. He said he doesn't feel the need to take extra precautions to protect himself, however, because he feels safe in his neighborhood.

Another Muslim resident who works as a livery cab driver says he feels safe at home and doesn?t let his guard down when in areas outside of his comfort zone. ?We have the right, if we go there and we see some kids come out, we can refuse them, call the dispatch and I am not picking them up," he said.