THE BRONX - Just days before the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, a local first responder says he has no regrets answering the call to go down to Ground Zero, despite the harsh consequences.

"Even though the calendar says it's been 10 years, it just seems the memories are so fresh in your mind," says Victor DiPierro. "It seems like last month, last year, because you replay so many things that you were part of during that day and beyond."

DiPierro, a community affairs officer at the 49th Precinct, says he made around 26 trips to Ground Zero after the planes struck the Twin Towers, transporting doctors from The Bronx to help with the rescue mission at the site.

DiPierro says he took his job seriously, and adds that he'd do it all over again, despite many residual health problems, including cancer and chronic sinusitis.

A decade later, DiPierro says he'll never forget the sights, sounds and smells of Ground Zero.

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