THROGS NECK - Bronx residents are calling out the Department of Sanitation's slow response to plowing streets after the blizzard.

Residents on Dudley and Mayflower avenues in Throgs Neck said they can't even see the street, and that they blame the city for the lack of plowing since the storm started on Sunday.

Those who rely on public buses said they have been forced to stand in the street because the bus stops are covered in snow. City Councilman Jimmy Vacca (D-13th District) said he understands the size of the storm, but is unhappy with the city's response. "We have people trapped on their streets," Vacca said. "That's not acceptable. Every street by now should've seen a snow plow."

Vacca plans to hold a City Council hearing next week to determine why so many Bronx streets are still covered in snow.

Unplowed streets keep BX residents snowed in