THE BRONX - Some residents living in the eastern part of the Bronx say they have been experiencing daily soliciting from real estate agents looking to buy their homes.

Residents say there are no "for sale" signs on their homes, or any indication that they are looking to sell. Many living in the area say they are confused as to the surge in solicitors.

According to Sen. Jeff Klein, a cease and desist law and its "do-not-contact" list expired in 2014, resulting in an increase of real estate solicitors to residents in Community Board 10 and 11.

Residents say the soliciting includes mailings, notices on fences and doors and in some cases calling numerous times.

Reports claim that at times these solicitors have told Bronx residents their community is in bad shape and that their neighbors are selling, which has turned out to be untrue in many cases.

Sen. Klein says he has been working with local community groups to collect evidence of these cases.