THE BRONX - Some Bronx residents are still waiting for plows to clear their streets following Sunday's massive blizzard.

Residents in some neighborhoods, such as Olinville and Pelham Bay, say they are quickly losing patience. But even if the streets are plowed, people say the snow doesn't go anywhere. "If the roads are plowed, there's no where to put the snow," resident Cathy Simonetti said. "These huge piles of snow are clogging the streets."

In Pelham Bay, the stairs that lead up to the 6 train platform are starting to freeze over. Subways are still delayed, and people waiting for buses have to stand in the middle of the street because the bus stops are still covered in snow.

Department of Sanitation officials say they hope to clear most side streets by tonight.

Unplowed streets keep BX residents snowed inBX residents criticize city for slow cleanup response