MORRIS HEIGHTS - Residents of the Bronx say text messages have been circulating that could be a harbinger of violence on Halloween.

According to residents, the messages say members of the Bloods street gang are planning violent initiations Oct. 30 and 31 that target women.

A former gang member who asked not to be identified told News 12 The Bronx that whether or not the threat is real, Halloween has traditionally been a time for gang initiation.

He says disguises allow gang members to slip into rival territory. "People dress up," he says. "They might not be in their colors - you can't tell."

The NYPD told News 12 The Bronx it was unaware of the gang threat. A spokesperson for the FBI adds that nothing has led them to believe the texts are real.

However, they stress that anyone who has received a text indicating gang violence should report it to their local precinct.