THE BRONX - In the wake of two police-involved shootings within the same week, some Bronx residents are concerned about the way officers are policing the streets.

On Friday, police pulled over a reported stolen car. When the suspect was exiting the vehicle, he pulled out a knife. Police fired two shots and hit the suspect in the thigh, according to officials.

The second shooting happened early Saturday morning when a 19-year-old male was allegedly found in a park with a gun. Police say they pursued the suspect and when he pulled a gun on the officers, they fired five shots.

Some residents are questioning whether police are doing their job. Some say officers are terrorizing their neighborhoods instead of protecting them.

Other residents say the real issue is that the neighborhood crime and drug problem is making the streets unsafe. They say police have few options.

A spokesperson from the NYPD told News 12 The Bronx ?Officers on routine patrol in the Bronx encountered armed individuals with criminal backgrounds. Fortunately none of the officers sustained any serious injuries during these arrests.?

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