THE BRONX - The city's decision to end the Advantage Program due to budget cuts has many Bronx tenants wondering where they're going to live next and how they'll pay for it.

The program has provided housing for more than 16,000 formerly homeless residents throughout the city, but officials announced in April that funds had run out.

An injunction filed against the city attempted to keep the program running, but a court ruling found that, "In the absence of an enforceable contract, defendants are not bound to maintain benefits under a social sciences program."

Bershanda Washington says that like many others, she has an income, but it's just not enough to pay for her apartment. She says she's praying every day that an eviction notice doesn't show up on her door.

Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. (D-The Bronx) says that if residents reach out to his office, it will work with them to keep a roof over their heads when the program ends.

Ruling could put thousands of BX families on the street More than 6,000 ex-homeless could lose rent help