THE BRONX - Some Bronx seniors who are anxiously awaiting a new dream community center hope the never-ending project is completed in their lifetime.

The state-of-the-art community center on Boston Road has been under construction for five years. However, residents say the project was supposed to be done in 18 months.

A representative for the New York City Housing Authority, which operates the center, could not confirm a timeline. The representative said it's tough to stick with a completion date because unexpected complications can arise.

Some seniors believe the certificate of occupancy is what is holding up the opening, but the housing authority says that is not the case. Right now, housing authority officials say the project is in the approval and adjustment phase. The organization says the center is about 98 percent complete.

The 14,000 square-foot center will include an exercise room, sauna, multi-purpose room and a commercial-type kitchen.