THE BRONX - A group of Bronx residents is facing eviction within three weeks after their apartment building on Jackson Avenue was foreclosed and the owner hasn?t turned up.

One of the residents, Debora McCrea, said in the year and a half that she has been living here, she hasn?t seen the landlord even once.

?I?ve spoken to him on the phone, and then it was like he just abandoned us,? McCrea said.

Tenants living in the three-story building said they?ve paid their rent every month, and yet now they face an uncertain future. Some even fear they will end up in homeless shelters because many don?t have money or another place to go on such a short notice.

Residents claim that the city has been transferring their rent directly to the owner, but no city agency that deals with housing could track down the information on the Jackson Avenue building.

A representative of the bank handling the foreclosure of the residence was not immediately available for comment.