THE BRONX - First it was Iowa and then New Hampshire, and now the C-SPAN interactive bus has stopped in the Bronx.

The bus was parked outside Mount St. Michael Academy, where one of the corporate leaders once attended classes.

Organizers spoke with about 100 seniors at the school, giving them a tour of the $1 million bus -- which is equipped with touchscreen computers, HDTVs and a mini-production studio -- and educating them about the presidential campaign. 

"I turned 18 this year, so I'm going to be voting in the primary," said student Jay Travers. "Learning this was really beneficial." 

The bus travels the country for about 10 months out of the year. "We cover the campaign trail extensively," said Vanessa Torres, of C-SPAN. "It's just a great source to learn about your presidential candidates and see what they are doing -- their campaigning -- with a nonpartisan viewpoint." 

The interactive bus heads to Columbia, South Carolina next.