THE BRONX - The death of a Bronx cab driver Monday has renewed calls for city officials to bring back the controversial NYPD stop-and-frisk program.

Mamadou Barry, 39, was shot in the head by a passenger. Barry leaves behind a pregnant wife and three children. 

Fernando Mateo, a spokesperson for the New York State Taxi and Limo Drivers Confederation, says five cab drivers have been killed in the past year and a half. He says the murders happened not long after a federal judge ruled stop-and-frisk unconstitutional.

"You know what's unconstitutional, it's not the rights of the murderers or the criminals," says Mateo. "What's constitutional is the right of the victims."

Mayor Bill de Blasio says he wants to reform and reduce stop-and-frisk. The mayor also maintains that the NYPD is driving down crime, stating that the city had the safest summer in 20 years.