THE BRONX - Cab drivers say they're getting countless tickets from the city for quick drop-offs and pick-ups in bus lanes and are hoping the city can cut them some slack.

At Diplo Car Service in the Bronx, drivers have stacks of tickets for bus lane violations, with some of the tickets totaling thousands of dollars.

Being in bus lanes is illegal for any vehicles but buses. However, drivers say they sometimes have no choice but to do drop-offs and pick-ups in bus lanes because there's no space and stopping in the middle of street will cause more problems. Drivers claim in some areas, like West Fordham Road, bus lanes can go on for miles.

Fernando Mateo, the head of the Taxi and Limousine Commission, says bus lanes aren't fair to cab drivers and the city has to compromise. Mateo is encouraging drivers to pay their fines, but says a class-action lawsuit against the city is in the works.