THE BRONX - The journey taken by Caitlyn Jenner in her transition from Bruce hit close to home for some people in the Bronx.

The world was officially introduced to Caitlyn Jenner via the cover of Vanity Fair, and she soon started trending on social media.

Kim Watson, coordinator of Bronx Transgender Health Space in Morrisania, describes the journey of changing gender as two parts. The first, she says, is who you identify yourself as mentally, and then taking the steps to physically transition.

Watson says the journeys taken by herself and those she mentored were not easy experiences, but things have since improved in the Bronx. However, she says that more must be done to raise awareness for the needs of transgender individuals, and she hopes to use Jenner's experience as a resource.

Since making her debut as Caitlyn, Jenner's new Twitter account already has more than 2 million followers.