THE BRONX - A city councilman has set his sights on improving pedestrian safety around schools to protect schoolchildren.

Councilman Eric Gioia is calling on the city to implement new safety and traffic measures for all 2,000 New York City schools.

"We can make real progress over the next year in ensuring the safety of every child in New York City on their way to school," Gioia says.

According to Gioia, the current Department of Transportation safe-routes program only has studied 10 percent of New York City schools. The councilman says at the current pace, the DOT will finish their studies in 20 years. Gioia believes that delay poses a danger to students.

Gioia is proposing measures that include conducting studies for all schools in the Bronx, installing speed-limit-enforcement cameras and providing real-time traffic statistics.

He also wants to implement longer traffic intervals that would give pedestrians more time to cross the street safely around school zones.