Car lovers turn out for New York International Auto Show at Jacob Javits Center

The redesigned MINI Cooper is able to parallel park itself. (4/19/14)

NEW YORK - Car enthusiasts are converging on the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan this weekend for the New York International Auto Show.

While touring the convention hall, News 12 reporter J.T. Fetch noticed one thing: parking in Manhattan is awful. To combat the tight spaces and compensate for funds lost to expensive meters and parking complexes, he recommends the redesigned MINI Cooper.

Chris Potgeiter, product planning, MINI USA, says the new, affordable model actually scans for available spots as its driver coasts along. Once a spot is discerned, the driver can activate the automated parking system, which will enable the car to parallel park itself.

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Despite the recent cold temperatures, spring is technically here, meaning weather perfect for driving with the top down will soon come. One such car that suits those needs is the metal roof-toting BMW M4.

Victor Leleu, a product manager for BMW, says the roof, which opens and closes in 20 seconds, is just right for year-round convertible driving. The car even has small vents in its headrests that blow warm air onto the driver's neck.

The New York International Auto Show began Friday and will run until April 27.

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