THE BRONX - Police are investigating the allegations of a Bronx mother who says her 4-year-old autistic son was assaulted at his pre-school.

According to Carmen Luchesse, a teacher's assistant at Birch Family Services in Riverdale beat her non-verbal son, Jovanni Gomez. She says he came home Monday with bruises all over his body, marks on his neck, a black eye and scratches on his forehead.

Luchesse says a school nurse sent a note stating in part, “Jovani lunged with his head and hands at his teaching assistant's stomach, and in order to protect herself the TA put her hand forward to block Jovani from making contact with her. In so doing, she accidentally scraped Jovani with her fingernail."

Police confirm that Luchesse has filed a report with the 50th Precinct, and that the teacher is being questioned. School administrators are also investigating.